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For the first time, a service has arrived to help consumers with the purpose of finding suitable floor coverings and mats, Australia Mat Rentals. Whichever type of mat and/or service you are looking for, let us help you find all local service providers in your area. Obtain free service quotes on our website.

Any service representatives from the airline, hotel, industrial, medical or automotive industries are encouraged to contact us because we can offer custom mat solutions as well as state of the art commercial facility services. Wholesale or retail, we can accept orders from any industry, we also provide the latest in restroom mats and supplies. Traditional safety mats are one of our latest product lines available- designer logo and image mats and employee conscious Anti-Fatigue work mats are also popular options. Anti-Fatigue work mats are not just an employee targeted type of mat, any person can benefit from the back and foot protection derived from such.

Here at Australia Mat Rentals, we work with solid industry sources to tailor create a quote for you. We network you with suppliers and distributors- bringing you options, choice of prices to compare and detailed background information on available providers.
Here at Australia Mat Rentals, we pride ourselves on networking with industry professionals. We expect mat technicians to exhibit punctuality, we verify quality and accuracy of orders and adherence to pre-approved financial limits.

The importance of standards, both in and out of commercial facility services and general mat production, should be reviewed and ranked so that leaders in the industry are recognized. That is why here at Australia Mat Rentals, our standards are so high, that we expect our fellow industry members to hold themselves accountable.

Whether a fan of custom mat solutions, the latest in traditional safety mats, or a fan of the designer logo and image mats, we are here to assist immediately. Any type of mat service or mat product information, we would love to be able to assist! Australia Mat Rentals is also proud to offer the latest available services and products currently trending in Restroom Mats and Supplies.

Contact Australia Mat Rentals at 1800 886 173 or email us at [email protected] for information on how we can introduce you to the mat provider of your dreams